Skylights That Stand the Test of Time.


Skylights That Stand the Test of Time.

Your brand new skylights offer an aesthetic appeal and allow the beauty of natural light to fill your building. However, choose the wrong skylights, and it’s only a matter of time before that fades.

While translucent sandwich panel skylights may originally appear white and clear, time and conditions such as UV rays, pollution, chemical exposure and weather will cause yellowing and increased cloudiness long before the skylight has reached the end of its life cycle. Acrylic skylights from Plasteco are proven to withstand the test of time.
Ensure your skylights will look like new for years to come when you choose acrylic skylights from Plasteco.


This translucent sandwich panel skylight already shows extreme signs of wear, with yellowing and cloudiness preventing the admittance of light into the building.


With acrylic skylights from Plasteco, the same building is flooded with natural light. Our skylights last longer than those made of fiberglass without succumbing to yellowing and cloudiness.

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