Accident Prevention


Skylight Accident Prevention

skylight accident preventionThe only way to prevent an accident is to remove the risk.  For over three and one-half decades acrylic dome and corrugated fiberglass skylights have provided maintenance free daylight to the interiors of schools, and commercial and industrial buildings. However, these skylights were never designed to support body weight, and after years of outdoor exposure, the skylights become brittle and are even less able to support body weight. Any person on the roof seeing the acrylic dome or corrugated fiberglass in place may gain a false sense of security as to their personal safety when the skylights are open holes in the roof, OSHA accident reports are filled with deaths or sever injuries resulting from falls through skylights.

You may ask yourself why, after developing a complete safety program and educating your employees, falls through skylights can still occur. The answer is that no matter what you do to teach your employees about physical dangers on the job, they will still have accidents simply because they are human.

That is why safety experts agree that the only way to prevent accidents is to eliminate the physical source for those accidents. The introduction of FallGuard® Skylight Screens in 1992 provided a cost-effective commercial skylight screen that could be easily installed on existing acrylic or fiberglass skylights – permanently removing the physical risk of falls through skylights.

OSHA Compliant Skylight Safety Screens

FallGuard® Skylight Screens are in full compliance with OSHA Regulation 29CFR 1910.23 (e)(8).

With Fallguard® Skylight Screens in place, you are not dependent upon warning signs or safety briefings. Guard rails around the skylights are also not necessary. Finally, the risk of common rooftop mishaps resulting in falls through skylights is permanently eliminated.

FallGuard® Skylight Screens are easily installed without any special tools. They can be retrofitted to practically any existing skylight, regardless of the manufacturer, and they do not compromise the energy-saving benefits of the skylights. All components are delivered installation ready.

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