NIOSH Alert- Employers Rules and Regulations



EMPLOYERS should take the following measures to help prevent worker injuries and fatalities from falls through skylights and roof and floor openings:

• Develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive, written fall prevention program that as a minimum, complies with applicable OSHA fall prevention standards.
• Assign a competent person to inspect the worksite before work begins to identify fall hazards and to determine the appropriate fall prevention system for workers.
• For work around skylights and roof and floor openings, require, provide, and ensure the use of appropriate fall prevention systems that use one of the following:
o Covers or screens
o Railings or guardrails
o PFAS, including full-body harness, lanyard, connectors, and appropriate anchorage points
• Conduct periodic scheduled and unscheduled inspections to ensure that the fall prevention system is used and maintained correctly and provides adequate protection against falls.
• Train workers to recognize fall hazards associated with working near skylights and roof and floor openings.
• Train workers in the correct fall prevention procedures they are to follow.
• Comply with child labor laws. Do not permit workers under the age of 16 to perform any type of construction work. Do not permit workers under the age of 18 to perform roofing work (including repair work) in any nonagricultural work setting. Note that certain exemptions exist for student leaners and apprentices. For information about Federal child labor laws, visit; or call 1-866-4-USADOL. For links to State labor offices, visit or www.youthrules.dol.dov/states.htm; or call 1-866-4-US-WAGE. Information about OSHA regulations that apply to workers of all ages is available at

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