FallGuard® Protection for Corrugated Metal Roofs


corrugated metal roof fall protectionFallGuard® Protection for Corrugated Metal Roofs

The Model F FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screens prevent falls through corrugated fiberglass (CF) skylights. They are easy to install and prove to be cost effective when compared to the potential time and money expended as the result of a fall-related accident.  Falls are the number one deadliest accident in the workplace, and our skylight safety screens offer OSHA certified fall protection.  Often times, these skylight screens are difficult to detect by people on the roof because they are at the same level and have the same profile as the corrugated metal roof panels.

Installation Instructions:

Do not place body weight on skylight during installation. Use extreme caution when installing the FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screens and always wear gloves when handling skylight screens.

  1. The FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screen channel is to be mounted on the highest corrugation nearest to the center of the skylight.
  2. On the high end, the fiberglass skylight should be under the corrugated metal. Clean and install the 3′ x 3′ adhesive/sealant pads on the corrugated metal approximately 1” from the edge. Be sure to remove the release liner from the adhesive/sealant pads.
  3. Position the FallGuard® channel so that the three mounting holes in the channel are positioned over the 3’ x 3’ adhesive pads.
  4. Fasten the high end of the FallGuard® channel to the corrugated metal using the self-drilling screws.
  5. Proceed to lower end of the FallGuard® channel. Clean area under the three holes in the channel and install the 3’ x 3’ adhesive/sealant pads. Fasten the lower end of the FallGuard® channel to the corrugated metal.
  6. Center the FallGuard® Skylight Screen over skylight and insert the FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screen under the tabs. Bend tabs over the FallGuard®Skylight Safety Screen.


  • Model F FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screens manufactured by Plasteco should be used.
  • Each skylight screen consists of a 3 x 4’ welded wire mesh having a minimum transverse diameter of .195″.
  • A plastic bumper extrusion is installed around the perimeter of the skylight screen.
  • The skylight screen is field installed on a 20-gauge galvanized steel channel.
  • The steel channel has tabs to receive the skylight screens and pre-punched holes for the mounting screens.
  • Two 3’ x 3’ sealant adhesive pads and six special tek screws are furnished with each channel.
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