FallGuard® for Trapezoidal Standing Seam Metal Roof


fall protection for trapezoidal standing seam roofFallGuard® for Trapezoidal Standing Seam Metal Roof

Trapezoidal Standing Seam Skylights are similar to regular corrugated fiberglass skylights —they are at the same level as the roof and have the same profile. They can be easily overlooked when a person is working or walking on the roof. FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screens offer skylight fall protection, are easy to install, and allow for a proactive rather than reactive solution to a safety hazard.

Installation Instructions:

Do not place body weight on corrugated fiberglass at any time during installation. Corrugated fiberglass will not support body weight. Wear gloves when handling screen.

  1. With the opening in the notches in the TSSR FallGuard® rail facing upward (toward the ridge), attach the flange of the TSSR rail to the outside of the standing seam (opposite the skylight) with the furnished stainless steel hex washer head self-drilling screws.
  2. Slip the FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screen into position onto the attached rails.


  • Model TSSR 2410 (or Model TSSR 1810) manufactured by Plasteco should be used.
  • The skylight screen is 3’ x 4’ welded wire mesh and has a minimum transverse diameter of 0.195”.
  • The FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screen should not be hot dipped galvanized after welding to ASTM A123 specifications.
  • The protruding ends of the FallGuard® Skylight Safety Screen are covered by a plastic extrusion.
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