Unguarded Skylights Are Holes in Your Roof


Do The Right Thing! Comply with OSHA Regulations.

29 CFR S1910.30 Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes
(a)(4) Every skylight floor opening and hole shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or fixed standard railing on all exposed sides.

(e)(8) Skylight screens shall be of such construction and mounting that they are capable of withstanding a load of 200 pounds applied perpendicular at any one area of the screen. They shall also be of such construction and mounting that under ordinary loads or impact, they will not deflect downward sufficiently to break the glass below them. The construction shall be grill work with openings not more than 4 inches long or slat work with opening not more than 2 inches wide with length unrestricted.


29 CFR S1926.501 Duty to Have Fall Protection

(a) General. (1) This section sets forth requirements for employers to provide fall protection systems. All fall protection shall conform to the criteria set forth in S1926.502 of this sub-part.

(a)(2) The employer shall determine if the walking/working surfaces on which its employees are to work have the strength and structural integrity to support employees safely. Employees shall be allowed to work on those surfaces only when the surfaces have the requisite strength and structural integrity.


(b)(4) Holes (i) Each employee on walking/working surfaces shall be protected from falling through holes (including skylights) more than 6 feet above lower levels, by personal fall arrest systems, covers, or guardrail systems erected around such holes. (ii) Each employee on a walking/working surface shall be protected from tripping in or stepping into or through holes (including skylines) by covers. (iii) Each employee on a walking/working surface shall be protected from objects falling through holes (including skylights) by covers.

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