Double Glaze Curb Mount


model 407 and 408
Non-Rated, Curb Mounted Melt-Out (Drop Out) Automatic Heat & Smoke Vents

Models 407 & 408

Models 407 also known as model 411 and 408 curb (model 411) mounted heat and smoke vents are identical in design to our 417-418 models except the units do not have a 12-inch high curb.

Specifications: Curb-mounting, melt-out (drop-out) automatic heat and smoke vents shall be single glazed model 407 (model 408 double glazed) also known as model 411 as manufactured by Plasteco.

Inner and outer frame shall be 6063-T5 extruded aluminum. Glazing shall be white translucent acrylic designed to withstand a 10 psf snow load.

Model 408 double glazed unit also known as model 412 shall have an inner pyramid consisting of clear acrylic. Maximum curb thickness shall be 1-1/2-inch. Curbs for 5098 size units shall have a 2 x 4 or a 1-1/2-inch square tubing to serve as a structural support for the center mullion. Unit shall be furnished with plastic snap-on counter flashing to be installed after curb flashing is completed.

Fall protection as required by OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.23 (e)(8) shall be provided by FallGuard® Skylight Screens and will be shipped separately and installed prior to the installation of the melt-out heat and smoke vent.

Looking for Add Ons?

Hail Stone Screen- Unit shall have a 1/2-inch x 1/2-inch x .063-inch galvanized welded wire mesh overlaid onto FallGuard® Skylight Screens to reduce hail damage to skylights.

Single-GlazedDouble-GlazedOutside Curb
407-5050408-505051" x 51"
407-5098408-509851" x 99"
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