FallGuard® for Dome Skylights


dome skylight safety screensFallGuard® for Dome Skylights

FallGuard® Model A-SM1 is specifically designed for fall protection from dome skylights. These safety screens were developed in response to an OSHA Regulation requiring skylight protection to prevent worker deaths and injuries from falls through skylights and roof openings.

FallGuard® Dome Skylight Benefits:

There are many benefits of utilizing these dome skylight safety screens, including:

  • Cost-effective safety screens
  • Easy to install
  • Provide protection from falls through acrylic dome skylights

How-To Install FallGuard® Model A-SM1:

  1. Center FallGuard® rail onto length side of skylight retaining frame
  2. Secure the FallGuard® rail onto skylight retaining frame with provided galvanized steel hex washer self-drilling screws through pre-punched holes
  3. Center the screen over the skylight and install the bases of screens into the rail notch openings
  4. Install the furnished stainless steel clips by snapping them in place on the rail notches. Start on the ends and space about 12”-18” apart.
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