Half Round Skylights


Plasteco’s Half Round Structural Barrel Vault Skylights available in widths eight to sixteen feet with lengths unlimited, provides the designer the opportunity to present an eye-catching exterior to the building and at the same time provide daylight and increase the openness of the building interior. Barrel vault skylights have been used as a means of identifying retail establishments, for building entrances and walkway covers. The hemispherical shape adds height and a refreshing openness to the interior of any building. The feeling of greater space created by barrel vaulted skylights is both aesthetic and psychologically refreshing.

Since skylights are not designed to support body weight, some method of fall protection should be provided.

Half Round Vault Sizes – Custom Sizes Also Available

Single-GlazedDouble-GlazedOutside Curb Dim. ADome Ht.
312-6313-66' - 0"3' - 0"
312-8313-88' - 0"4' - 0"
312-10313-1010' - 0"5' - 0"
312-12313-1212' - 0"6' - 0"
312-16313-1616' - 0"8' - 0"
Half Round End Pattern CAD
Half Round Vaulted CAD

Specifications: Structural Quarter Round Vault Skylight shall be as manufactured by Plasteco. All extruded aluminum shall be 6063-T5. Exterior exposed aluminum can be Mill finish, Clear anodized, Bronze anodized and powder coating). Model 312 outer acrylic can be clear, (2412 bronze, or 2447 white translucent). Model 313 inner acrylic can be clear, (or 2447 white translucent). Rafters shall be mounted on nominal 4 ft. centers. The skylights shall be designed to support a 20 psf live load and a 20 psf wind load. Curbs (by others) shall have a minimum thickness of 5-1/2″ and shall be designed to support the skylight and thrust of a 20 psf live load. Structural load designed can be provided per local code requirements.

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