Octagonal Skylights


Model 110: Single Glazed, Curb-Mounted, Octagonal Skylight
Model 111: Double Glazed, Curb-Mounted, Octagonal Skylight

Plasteco’s Octagonal Skylights are identical in design to Model 100 and 101 curb mounting skylights except that an acrylic octagon is used in lieu of an acrylic dome. These skylights have a long record of trouble-free service in all areas and climates. Pyramids are formed of time-proven acrylic and retained in a welded aluminum frame, ready for mounting on curbs by others.

Octagonal Domes

Single DomeDouble DomeOutside CurbDome Ht.
Dim. SDim. B
110-60111-602457 ¼15
110-72111-722970 ½17
110-84111-843482 ¼20
110-96111-963994 ¼24

Specifications for Models 110 and 111: Skylights shall be factory assembled as manufactured by Plasteco. Each unit shall have an inner frame (0.078”) and an outer frame (0.062”) of 6064-T5 extruded aluminum. Foam seal shall be provided between top of curb and skylight frame. Dome shall be formed of (color) acrylic. (For double glazed models, the inner dome shall be (color) acrylic.) Curbs shall be furnished and flashed by others to Plasteco’s dimensions.

Looking for Add Ons?: Provide fall protection as required by OSHA regulation 1926.501 “Duty to Have Fall Protection.”

Note: Double glazed skylights are subject to formation of condensation between domes. This may be objectionable when both domes are transparent.

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