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Acrylic plastics have proven themselves over the past 35 years as a weather-resistant, maintenance-free skylight glazing material. Acrylics are available in many shades of transparent bronzes, grays and white translucent in different degrees of light transmission. Plasteco skylights may be ordered single-glazed or double-glazed and in the following acrylic colors:

  • Clear Colorless

    Maximum light transmission and visibility. Use only where solar heat gain and diffusion of daylight is not important.

  • Standard #2447 White Translucent

    Provides excellent light diffusion combines with a lower visible light transmission and solar energy gain.

  • #2412 Bronze

    Reduced heat and light transmission while retaining visibility to the outside. Adds color warmth to colored objects viewed in transmitted daylight through the material.

  • Gray

    Reduces heat and light transmission. Colored objects viewed in transmitted daylight through the gray series will have a natural color appearance.

Typical Lighting Levels:

50-60 footcandles: Classrooms, offices, drafting, merchandise and reading areas.
25-30 footcandles: Gymnasiums, lobbies, recreation rooms, reception rooms, libraries, machine shops, laboratories.
10-15 footcandles: Corridors, stairways, warehouses, stockrooms, locker rooms, washrooms, kitchens, dining areas, baths.

Note: Double dome skylights are subject to formation of condensate between domes. This may be objectionable when both are transparent.

Ratio Building Width to Ceiling HeightPercent of Roof Area to be Skylighted
3.0 - 5.01.6 - 1.43.2 - 2.84.8 - 4.2
6.0 & over1.32.63.9

This table is based on a #4848 single dome of standard white translucent acrylic with 12” deep well and the conditions given below.

Sky: 4000 footcandles
Reflectance factors: Wells 60%, Ceiling 70%, Maintained Walls 50%, Floor 10%

Notes: Adjust the 4000 footcandles to suit average local condition. Larger skylights are more efficient; deeper wells are less efficient.

U Values – BTU/hr/sq. ft./°F

3/16" AcrylicWinter Heat Loss

15 mph wind
Summer Heat Gain

7-1/2 mph wind
Single Glazed1.20.8
Double Glazed0.70.5


Certain Plasteco models are available with insulated glass. The outer glass can be either clear or bronze while the inner glass is laminated safety glass. Plasteco should be consulted early in the planning stages to determine whether we can meet your design requirements with insulated glass.


All Plasteco vaulted skylights are available with polycarbonate or structured polycarbonate glazing. For more information, please refer to our glazing specifications.

Aluminum Frame Finishes

Anodic finishes are available in clear (natural) or integral color coatings of light, medium or dark bronze. Typical trade names for integral color coatings are Duranodic or Kalcolor. Color matching is sometimes difficult with these finishes.

Paint finishes are available in a wide range of colors and are normally baked-on. They are generally more resistant to chemical attack than anodic finishes. An advantage to painting is that the coating can be repaired on the job site using air-dry paint.

Mill finish is standard and will be furnished by Plasteco unless another finish is specified.

Note: Double-glazed skylights are subject to formation of condensation between domes. This may be objectionable when both are transparent. Find out more about glazing here.

Acrylic ColorTransmittanceShading Coefficient
Visible LightSolar EnergySingle-GlazedDouble-Glazed
*STD White (1/8")52%52%0.450.41
2064 Gray27%35%0.530.43
2537 Gray33%41%0.590.49
2094 Gray45%55%0.710.61
2514 Gray59%62%0.780.68
2370 Bronze10%20%0.400.30
*2412 Bronze27%35%0.530.43
2404 Bronze49%56%0.720.62
2539 Bronze61%62%0.780.68

All figures are average, and may vary with thickness of sheet. Double-glazes coefficient is based on gray/bronze outer dome, colorless inner dome. ¼” air space.

*Standard Colors. Other colors are special order and may not be readily available.

Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance on all of our products. Consultation is especially advisable when planning custom or structural skylights. Plasteco reserves the right to make design improvements without notice.
If you need technical assistance, please contact us.

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