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Plasteco offers the industry’s broadest range of glazing media choices. Our skylights are designed to accommodate monolithic glazing, structured sheet and glass.


High scratch-resistance, good heat-transfer rate through materials, and UV stable. Generally, glass is more expensive that other media and requires more support when spanning large areas.


Though not as scratch resistance as glass, acrylic rivals its appearance at a lower cost. May offer aesthetic advantages since less support is required for large areas; does not yellow.


Durable in many applications due to great inherent strength; less scratch resistant than glass or acrylic.

Available in Single-Glaze and Double-Glaze Acrylics

Glazing Media Selection Chart

Review the Media Selection Chart and you’ll get a head start on putting the power of Plasteco’s design flexibility behind your project. For detailed assistance, contact your Plasteco representative.

1U-value2Shading Coefficient3Visible Light Transmission4UV TransmissionFlammability Rating
3/16 single1.2.98 to .10.92 to impact resistance than glass and more cost efficient. Facilitates open design.
Polycarbonate (monolithic)
3/16 single1.2.98 to .10.98 to impact resistance than acrylic. Less costly than glass.
Single1.151.00 to .101.00 to .10.80 to .12cc/1Traditional beauty, UV stable, good U-values. Public safety and building codes are important concerns when specifying glass. More expensive than other media.
Structured Sheet (Polycarbonate)
6 mm0.631.00 to .94.82 to .200cc/1Excellent U-values. Cost efficient.
8 mm0.600cc/1
10 mm0.530cc/1
16 mm0.410cc/1
25 mm0.310cc/1

1 U-value is the heat-transfer rate through materials, measured in BTU/hr/sq ft/⁰F temperature difference. Winter nighttime U-values are calculated assuming an outdoor temperature of 0⁰F, an indoor temperature of 70⁰F and a wind velocity of 15 mph.
2 Shading coefficient compares the total solar heat gain through any other glazing with that through a single pane of 1/8” glass — which has a shading coefficient of 1.
3 Visible light transmission indicated the percentage of the visible spectrum that passes through the glazing.
4 UV (ultraviolet) transmission is given because the sun’s shortwave UV energy fades fabrics.

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