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Manufactured in-house, our acrylic dome skylights have proven themselves weather-resistant and maintenance-free. They are available in a large number of standard sizes for curb mounting or with integral curbs.

General Skylight Information on Plasteco Acrylic Skylights


Since acrylic domes cannot be hermetically sealed, condensation may form between domes. This may be objectionable when both domes are transparent. However, in most instances the condensation is temporary.


In some installations a “popping” noise may be heard. This may occur when a tinted dome, for example, is under direct sunlight and a passing cloud covers the direct sunlight causing the acrylic dome to suddenly contract.


Mill finish will be furnished on all units unless another finish is specified required.


Plasteco reserves the right to make design changes without notice. However, any design changes will be presented on approval drawings.


Plasteco skylights are not designed to support body weight.  However, we do offer skylight safety screens for fall protection.  Learn more about FallGuard® Skylight Screens.


Plasteco is responsible for furnishing skylights to fit specified outside curb dimensions or roof opening dimensions. It is the responsibility of others, however, to assure the integrity, strength and dimensional accuracy of the supporting structure- factors which are essential to a successful installation.

Acrylic Color
Visible LightSolar EnergySingle-GlazedDouble-Glazed
#2447 White 1/852%52%0.450.41
#2412 Bronze27%35%0.530.43

All figures are average, and may vary with thickness of sheet. Double glazed coefficient is based on gray/bronze outer dome, colorless inner dome, 1/4″ air space.

A Values – BTU/hr/sq. ft./ºF
3/16" AcrylicWinter Heat Loss

15mph wind
Summer Heat Gain

7-1/2mph wind

Typical Lighting Levels

50-60 footcandles: Classrooms, offices, drafting, merchandise and reading areas.

25-30 footcandles: Gymnasiums, lobbies, recreation rooms, reception rooms, libraries, machine shops, laboratories.

10-15 footcandles: Corridors, stairways, warehouses, stockrooms, locker rooms, washrooms, kitchens, dining areas, baths.

Technical Information

Glazing Information

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